About eft Products

In 1996 the two Thompson brothers, Charlie and Ernst, decided to convert their baling operation from ‘small square bales’ to ‘large square bales’. They found transport and labour costs as well as their baling capacity to be deterimental to the growth of their baling project and revitalized their approach to baling by commencing to bale with second-hand large square balers.

In 1999 they purchased their first brand new Large Square Baler. The brothers experienced great difficulty in achieving the capacity and compressed weight per bale as projected, as well as specified by the manufacturers of the Baler. Only then did they realise that they needed to upgrade the ‘baling twine’ from the locally manufactured product in order to achieve their goals. In their search for an absolute high quality bale twine they found the manufacturer, Tama. As baling contractors the Thompson brothers started importing the best baling twine they could find for their new Large Square Baler and their enhanced venture. Soon, however, a demand for better and superior baling twine developed and due to word of mouth and networking with other contractors imports from Tama grew, with more and more clients coming aboard. Soon Agricultural Co-operations and Agencies involved in trading with Baling twine started to enquire and the first official shipment was imported in 2000.

Since then the Thompson Brothers have been on the leading edge of baling technology. They tested the ‘Round Bale Netwrap’ in 2008 and started imports in 2009. The ‘stretch film’ innovation was tested in 2010 and was ready to market in 2011.

EFT makes use of all of Thompson Brother’s products, confirming them as user friendly and only offering the products to the market once they are satisfied with all the results. They now have a customer base that includes the rest of Africa